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Q. how can I get technical support
A. contact us from <::here::>

Q. what if I want to let or rent a property?
A. try (letting agents) or (private landlords)

Q. is it completely free to advertise here?
A. yes, for now

Q. do I have to be an estate agent?
A. yes, please read our terms and conditions of service

Q. how does LondonMove make any money?
A. advertising revenue

Q. do you operate any 'premium rate' telephone lines?
A. no, we don't approve of this method

Q. is for sale?
A. only if you make an offer we couldn't refuse is part of the LondonMove Group and only offers for the whole group would be considered

this free website is designed to allow estate agents within the greater london area to advertise their properties for sale 2006

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